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Our Story

Herbal Pharm was founded with a mission to help our customers achieve a better them through all aspects of life. As a leading nutraceutical brand, Herbal Pharm is dedicated to helping their customers achieve a healthier lifestyle by providing all-natural premium supplements, personal care and lifestyle products.

Since its establishment in 2004, the brand has expanded to four premises in two locations, a dedicated delivery fleet, and more than 25 customer service staff. As someone who values health and fitness, founder Mr Vejaiyan noticed with increasing concern that Singapore’s greying population was looking for quality supplements for their needs. Together with a capable and dedicated team, the company has continued to reach new heights. Through an all-new omnichannel solution, digitalization, and product innovation, Herbal Pharm continues delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Over the years the company has also collaborated with local and international NGOs to improve its packaging and implement new initiatives to become an eco-conscious brand as part of our larger sustainability drive.

The brand’s passion was recognized in 2021 as they were awarded the Made With Passion mark – a national initiative that spotlights the diversity of local brands and their dedication to create products that people love and trust. At the end of 2021 they received the ISO 9001:2015 certification, as a recognition of the quality of their manufacturing and customer practises.

The company always strives for better products, superior ingredients and sustainable practices. Herbal Pharm - For a Better You. 


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Our Mission and Vision

Vision: We strive to play a meaningful role in shaping the Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle landscape and be recognized as a leader in the field in both Singapore and the world.

Mission: To discover, innovate and formulate premium quality nutraceutical products and all-natural consumer goods for our valued customers and partners, with a particular focus on the greying population and those living with lifestyle diseases.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Herbal Pharm, we aim to make a difference not only in our customer’s lives, but also in the betterment of our employees, our country, and the planet


Recycling and sustainability have been a part of Herbal Pharm’s efforts for a long time now, and we have intensified our efforts in recent years. We have phased out any plastic bottles we used for our supplements and replaced them with aluminium cans instead. We also initiated our recycling program in 2020, through which we incentivise our customers to return their used product cans in exchange for gift vouchers.


Our heightened activity was further driven by our new partners NEA, WWF, and Zero Waste SG. By joining NEA’s Say Yes To Waste Less, WWF’s PACT Retail Bag Charge Initiative and Zero Waste SG’s Bring Your Own(BYO) initiatives, we promised to incentivise our customers to bring their own reusable bags by introducing bag charges, every cent of which are donated to WWF and Zero Waste SG. We also replaced all of our bags with improved woven bags, so that our customers could reuse them in their day-to-day activities. Meanwhile, WWF’s Plastic ACTion (PACT) campaign has provided us invaluable advice and support on how to lower our environmental footprint. These are just the actions we have taken so far; we are doing our best to move toward a circular economy, while rewarding our customers for joining us in our sustainability journey.


Herbal Pharm cares about people—we aspire to be an employer of choice. We care about our employee’s wellbeing and advocate a sound work-life balance policy. We design our work to suit and empower a wide spectrum of people. We hire across age, race, and educational background - our staff ranges from fresh university graduates to housewives who had never worked before. We make sure to give all our employees ample chances to improve their skills through in-house or external training.


As a model SME, we aspire to do good things and give back to the less privileged communities in Singapore. We have been donating monthly lunch for the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped for over 10 years. We donated essentials to help the victims of the Lombok earthquake in 2018. We have given groceries hampers to the less fortunate, and meal packs during the early onset of coronavirus. One of our recent collaborations is with the MUHAMMADIYAH Association - we sell their Muslim calendar to our customers, and then pledge to match the revenue of all calendar sales to donate back to the organization. We joined Mediacorp’s ‘Care & Share Programme’ in 2021 & 2022 and donated 3000+ bottles of our supplements to vulnerable and disadvantaged families during the holiday season.

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