24 Nov

Herbal Pharm Announces New Appointments for Their Board and Management Committee To Continue Their Promise to be the Nutraceutical Company of Choice

25th November 2022 - Leading homegrown nutraceutical company Herbal Pharm Pte Ltd (Herbal Pharm) with a mission “To discover, innovate and formulate premium quality nutraceutical products and all-natural consumer goods for our valued customers and partners, with a particular focus on the silver and ailing population,” announced today the new appointments for their board and management committee as the milestone of past five years business transformation plan.

As announced the designation of Vejaiyan G as Founder and Chairman of the Board, Kanan Packrisamy, who joined Herbal Pharm in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the board. Chief Operating Officer succeeded by Logeswari Shivaprakash, who was Chief Procurement Officer & Chief Information Officer.  

Vejaiyan G used his youthful energy and deep care for health to create a company that is now standing 18 years strong. Through his mandated leadership he has set the precedent, while also expanding the team with capable and hardworking coworkers to make Herbal Pharm the company of choice it is today. He will assume his new role as Founder and Chairman of the Board, he will continue to lead the board and work closely with the team to build a proud Singapore brand.

"Moving into my role, I will offer help, guidance and leadership as and when I see fit. As Kanan very aptly said - I set the height of the mountain for the team to scale," said Vejaiyan.

As the new Chief Executive Officer and member of the board, Kanan will continue to helm all financial, human resource and marketing facets of the group and lead the company’s global expansion.

"I will continue to forge long lasting relationships with staff and customers; build a strong network of experts and facilitators to help us achieve our goals; and set policies that aid us in our expansion journey and ensure we check these periodically," said Kanan.

As the new Chief Operating Officer of the business, Logeswari will govern all operations, sales, and procurement, as well as our ongoing digital transformation..

"I joined Herbal Pharm during testing times, and I'm pleased that my diligent, sincere effort is being acknowledged. There's a proverb that goes, "We play by the rules, but ferociously," therefore I'll keep accepting any challenges that come our way and make sure we're ascending the mountain without difficulty," said Loges.

Vejaiyan said "I am delighted to announce that two of my closest confidants and senior members of my team will assume new roles."

He added that the company will continue to be an employer of choice and carry on the sustainability endeavours and innovative mindset in the nutraceutical landscape. "I wish both of them my very best to continue to keep the company growing and making a difference in our customers' and staff's lives. I am sure the company that we know and love will realise its full potential through them and the rest of my 53 member team."

About Herbal Pharm: Since starting out 18 years ago, Herbal Pharm’s main mission is to deliver premium quality products and all-natural nutritional supplements. The company spares no resources to procure natural ingredients from the world over to formulate their array of products. For more information, visit https://www.herbalpharm.com.sg/

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