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Herbal Pharm Joins WWF-Singapore’s Pilot Aimed at Reducing E-commerce Packaging Waste

SINGAPORE, 22 April 2022 - Herbal Pharm is proud to partner with WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore) for their pilot initiative designed to reduce e-commerce packaging waste in Singapore. Spearheaded by WWF-Singapore’s Plastic ACTion (PACT), in partnership with UOB, SingPost, and Better Packaging, the pilot initiative aims to promote the concept of reusable e-commerce packaging in Singapore to promote a circular economy approach. Herbal Pharm joins the initiative on April 22nd to commemorate Earth Day, an international initiative that aims to spotlight issues of sustainability. 


Until September 2022, local residents can participate by opting-in for reusable e-commerce packages from any of the participating retailers, including Herbal Pharm. Customers can return the packaging directly to our physical stores. By doing so, they will promote the concept of reusable e-commerce packaging in Singapore and prove that a circular economy approach is possible. 


How to Join the Initiative:


Step 1: Opt-in during checkout

When checking out on the Herbal Pharm website, click the box that says 

Reduce packaging waste & go green by opting in to use a reusable bag! 

Step 2: What to do when received the parcel


When you receive your order, start by removing the invoice from the transparent pocket (Just remove the invoice, don’t remove the transparent pocket). After that, open the SWOP packing by peeling off the Herbal Pharm tape and gently opening the velcro strip. Do not use scissors to cut open the parcel or the velcro strip.


Step 3: How to return the reusable bag

Fold the SWOP pack to envelope size, insert the returns label that came with the parcel in the plastic pocket with the address clearly visible, and drop it off at Our Retail Outlet - (8 Race Course Lane, S 218735) or Showroom - (1008 Toa Payoh North #01-18 S 318996) during our business hours.


Frequently Asked Questions:


I am interested. How can I be part of this?

When you shop at our web store, click the box at checkout to opt-in for the option for reusable packaging. Terms & Conditions apply.


Do note that some items or orders may not fit our current reusable packaging. In such instances, your order will not be delivered in reusable packaging even if you have opted in for them. 

What do I do when I receive my order?

When you receive your order, start by removing the invoice paper from the transparent folder on top of the package. Next, open the packaging by tearing open the velcro strip. As the packaging is meant to be reused, do not use scissors to cut or open your parcel.


How do I return the packaging?



Return it to one of our retail stores, during our business hours: 

8 Race Course Lane, S(218735) or 1008 Toa Payoh North #01-18 S(318996), 


The reusable packaging looks old, should I be concerned?

Wears on the reusable packaging is a good indication that it has gone through multiple deliveries - this is what we aim for! Damaged packages that are torn or not fit for use will be eliminated from the system to ensure that your products are delivered securely to you.


How do I ensure that my reusable packaging is in good condition?

Do not use scissors to cut open the parcel.

Do not keep personal items in them before returning, especially food.

Do not wash or soak it.

Do not fill it with items weighing a total of more than 5kg.

Do return it promptly once you have the opportunity.


Why is e-commerce packaging waste an issue? 

E-commerce in Singapore is booming, with over 200,000 e-commerce parcels delivered daily in the country.  With e-commerce, additional packaging is required to transport your goods. It is estimated that 45% of carbon impact in e-commerce comes from packaging.   With the growth in e-commerce in our small island, it is important to explore alternatives to more sustainable packaging systems such as reusable packaging.


What is the reusable packaging program about?

To show the scalability of reusable packaging in Singapore, we are partnering with WWF-Singapore in this Reusable E-commerce Packaging Pilot Program by delivering your purchases in reusable packaging. Results of the pilot trial will be shared upon completion. Find out more about the pilot here: https://plastic-action.asia/transforming-ecommerce/


What impact do I make when I opt-in for reusable packaging and is it important that I return the packaging?

Every time you return the reusable packaging, you are avoiding the use of new resources for the manufacturing of single-use packaging. For every kilogram of virgin plastic that you avoid, you prevent 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being emitted. That is equivalent to what one tree will absorb in a month! 


To make sure reusable packaging works, it is important that customers return them so that they can continue to be circulated. We hope you will support us in doing your part in making this new system work.


Terms & Conditions:

  • By clicking the opt-in box, customers acknowledge to take part in the Reusable E-commerce Packaging Pilot Project, conduct surveys when needed, and return the SWOP reusable bags after receiving it.

  • Herbal Pharm reserves the right to refuse the reusable bag option if the customer has opted in before and not returned their previous SWOP bag.

  • Only one size SWOP bag is currently available. If the products are unable to fit in the SWOP bags, orders could be packed in normal packaging without prior notice. 

  • Limited number of SWOP bags are available, so opt-in orders will be packed in SWOP bags while stocks last. Once the SWOP bag stocks are finished, orders will be packed in normal packaging without prior notice. 

  • Herbal Pharm logistic team retains the right to reject any opt-in of the SWOP bag due to operational constraints.

  • Herbal Pharm is not responsible if the SWOP bag is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances. 

  • The SWOP bags are non-exchangeable or refundable for cash, products or other service in part or full.

  • Herbal Pharm reserves the right to amend those terms & conditions or to cancel this campaign at any time without prior notice.


About WWF-Singapore


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. As one of WWF’s international hubs, WWF-Singapore supports a global network spanning over 100 countries. WWF-Singapore works closely with local stakeholders towards a greener and more sustainable Singapore and the region around us. For more information, please visit wwf.sg


About PACT


Started by WWF-Singapore and based on WWF’s No Plastic in Nature Initiative, Plastic ACTion (PACT) is a business initiative that aims to reduce waste and move towards a circular economy. The programme empowers companies to adapt their business models and processes to be more resource-efficient. By providing businesses with guidance and best practices, PACT enables them to make science-based decisions for responsible production and consumption. This will lower their environmental footprint, and address the growing consumer demand for sustainability.For more information, please visit plastic-action.asia


About Herbal Pharm


Since starting out 18 years ago, Herbal Pharm’s main mission is to deliver premium quality products and all-natural nutritional supplements. The company spares no resources to procure natural ingredients from the world over to formulate their array of products. For more information, visit https://www.herbalpharm.com.sg/ 


For media queries, please contact marketing@herbalpharm.com.sg 

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