07 Jan

Herbal Pharm Announces Major Campaign Spring Festival Draw With Rewards For $30,000+

Singapore, January 7th 2023 - To celebrate the ending of a successful year 2022 and to show our appreciation to our customers, Herbal Pharm is launching their newest promotional campaign “Celebrating with Herbal Pharm: Spring Festival Draw” that rewards their esteemed customers with chances to win instant cash or grand lucky draw prizes. From today until 7th February 2023, all customers who purchase on the Herbal Pharm website, App, or via hotline and retail outlets, have a chance to receive the Spring Festival Draw (“SFD”) card ,offering participants more than $30,000 worth of prizes including Instant Cash & Lucky Draw prizes. One lucky customer will be picked to receive $8,888 Grand Cash, which will be announced during our Lucky Draw livestream event happening in early 2023 (final date subject to change).

How to participate:

●      For every $125 spent on official Herbal Pharm channels, receive one SFD card. Promotion ends on February 7th 2023.

●      Each SFD card is automatically entered into the SFD Lucky Draw to win $8,888 Grand Cash, $6,888 Gold Cash Prize, and other cash prizes.

●      Every SFD card comes with a Scratch & Win section as well. Scratch the section for a chance to win $100 Instant Cash.


How to collect you Instant Cash

●      If your card says “Congrats! You won $100 cash”, you are eligible to either redeem $100 cash or offset $100 from your next Herbal Pharm purchase.

●      To redeem cash, present your original SFD card to our retail outlets at 8 Race Course Lane or 1008 Toa Payoh North #01-18.

●      To offset $100 from your next purchase, visit our retail outlets above, or follow the instructions of our customer service staff when placing your next order via our hotline.

●      You may not redeem Instant Cash via our online channels & App. Please read the Terms & Conditions for more information.


Lucky Draw winner announcement

●      The winner of the Lucky Draw will be announced during a livestream event in early 2023. During the livestream, Herbal Pharm will draw out the lucky winners for the $8,888 Grand Cash prize, $6,888 Gold Cash prize, and the other lucky draw prizes.

●      Herbal Pharm may contact the lucky draw winners via phone call during the livestream.

●      Further details on the event will be announced at a later date on the Herbal Pharm website and social channels.


How can you collect the Lucky Draw Prizes

●      Herbal Pharm will contact all lucky draw winners to arrange for the prize collection.

●      Please keep your original SFD cards until the Lucky Draw date, as you will need them to redeem your prize!




What is the campaign period?

Campaign period to receive the SFD card is from 07 January 2023 to 07 February 2023 .


What prizes can I win?

  • $100 Instant Cash

  • Lucky Draw Prizes:

    • Grand Prize: $8,888 cash (1 Winner)

    • Gold Prize: $6,888 cash (1 Winner)

    • Platinum Prize: $1,888 cash (1 Winner)

    • Silver Prize: $888 cash (5 Winners)


What is the prize redemption period?

Customers may redeem their Instant Cash from January 7th 2023 up until 7th March 2023.


Who is eligible to participate in the SFD promotion?

All customers who purchase through the official Herbal Pharm channels and are 18 years old and above are eligible to participate.


What are considered “official channels”?

Official channels include: https://www.herbalpharm.com.sg/, the Herbal Pharm Mobile App, our two retail outlets at 8 Race Course Lane or 1008 Toa Payoh North #01-18, and orders placed via phone call to our hotline numbers.

All other channels which are not listed above are not eligible to receive the SFD card.


How does the automatic entry work? How do I ensure that my card was entered into the lucky draw?

All Herbal Pharm SFD cards include a tear-out component for internal use (refer to image below). The tear-out component of the SFD card will be dropped into the Lucky Draw box when your order is being packaged. This way we ensure fair participation for our customers who can’t come down to our retail shops, and also minimise the chances that a card will be lost or misplaced before being put into the Lucky Draw box.


What do you mean by “multiple entries per customer allowed”?

Customers will receive a SFD card for every $125 spent on Herbal Pharm official channels. They can receive 2 SFD cards for $250 spent, 3 SFD cards for $375 spent, and so on. There is no limit to how many SFD cards one customer can collect. The more cards you collect, the greater the chance of winning the Grand Prize!


Will I still be eligible to win the Lucky Draw if my card won the Instant Cash?

Yes, all SFD cards are automatically entered into the Lucky Draw.


How will the winner be drawn?

All winners of the Lucky Draw will be drawn on a random basis.


How do you track the winners?

The invoice number will be indicated on every SFD card that goes into the Lucky Draw box. We will retrieve the customer details based on the invoice number. To verify the identity of the winner, we will check the matching serial number on their SFD card.


What happens if I lose or damage my card?

As per the Terms & Conditions below, lost and/or damaged cards are not eligible for redemption since we cannot verify that you are the true winner of the lucky draw. As such, please make sure to store your SFD cards in a safe location up until the date of the Lucky Draw in early 2023.


What happens to my SFD card if I make a refund of my purchase?

The SFD card issued and all eligible prizes (including Instant Cash and Lucky Draw chance) will be withdrawn if you refund on the purchase that earned the SFD card.


My question was not answered above.

Contact one of our friendly customer support staff at 6398 0888 or chat with us on the online form.


Terms & Conditions


Customers will receive one Spring Festival Draw (SFD) card for every $125.00 spent on official Herbal Pharm channels.

Herbal Pharm SFD cards will be issued only up until 7th February 2023.

Each SFD card is automatically entered to win up to $8,888 Grand Cash and other cash prizes (totaling more than $30,000) during the redemption period.

Each SFD card equals one entry in the lucky draw. Multiple entries per customer allowed. Lucky draw will be conducted in early 2023. More details will be announced at a later date on our website.

SFD cards are not transferable between customers. SFD cards without Instant Cash prizes are not exchangeable for cash or refunds unless stated otherwise.

Instant Cash cards: customers can either redeem $100.00 cash, or be allowed to offset $100.00 from their next Herbal Pharm purchase. If the overall invoice value exceeds $100.00, the customer must pay off the remaining value. No partial redemptions available - if invoice value is less than $100.00, the remaining amount will be forfeited. Customers can either redeem cash OR product; no dual redemptions available. Instant Cash redemption valid until 7th March 2023. Any unredeemed Instant cash prizes will be forfeited.

The original SFD card must be presented upon redemption at our retail outlets or via phone call. Instant Cash offset is available via phone call or in the below retail outlets during working hours. Instant Cash redemption is only available at the below outlets during working hours. No redemption available via website, marketplace, mobile app or any third-party retail store orders. Instant Cash redemption is not valid in conjunction with other discounts and promotions unless specified by Herbal Pharm.

●      8A Race Course Lane Singapore 218735

●      1008 Toa Payoh North #01-18 Singapore 318996

Customers who are uncontactable within 7 days of the lucky draw will automatically forfeit their reward and Herbal Pharm Pte Ltd will draw a new winner.

Herbal Pharm Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse redemption to any customer who refuses to comply with any of the states Terms & Conditions.

Herbal Pharm Pte Ltd is not responsible if a card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.

Damaged, defaced, lost or torn cards will not be considered valid for instant cash reward collection.

Herbal Pharm Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.


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