06 May

The Secret of the Tellicherry Pepper


Tellicherry peppercorn has always been confused with originating from tellicherry, India but ours is grown organically in Malabar, India. All kinds of pepper are included in the Piperaceae family. This herb is also called as Piper nigrum or Piper Albi Linn Its considered to be one of the best pepper out there with many renowned chefs around the world using Tellicherry peppercorns as a secret ingredient for their top recipes. 

The fact is, most people will not be able to tell the difference or even know about peppercorns by sight alone. Perhaps you might think the bigger size is because Tellicherry peppers are harvested later than ordinary pepper, but that is actually not true. Tellicherry is harvested the same time as other peppercorns and they also grow on the same vine. 

After harvesting, all the peppercorns are left to dry then shifted according to their size. Yes, that’s the key! The size of the peppercorn makes a huge difference. A telicherry peppercorn is one of the largest, measuring larger than 4,25mm in diameter. These peppers are some of the rarest of the crop, hence the demand for them. The most special version is the 4.75mm diameter peppercorn, which is called tellicherry special extra bold peppercorn!



The larger the peppercorn, the less heat they have, and this actually induces more aroma. This is what makes tellichery special, the room inside the peppercorn creates magic in the fragrant. The tellicherry on its own has a strong lime, lemon and orange fragrant notes 

The heat it dissipates is strong and adds a strong note in your without being strong enough to create fire on your tongue. Thus, it elevates the taste of your food with heat and aroma without disrupting the flavors. 

Tellicherry peppercorns are best used freshly ground directly onto food.  Always store peppercorns in a cool, dark place as they lose their flavour and aroma quickly. It is also known that properly stored, sealed peppercorns can still be viable up to three years. Brined peppercorns need to be refrigerated after opening and used within a month.



Tellicherry has its own range of benefits, more upscale than the normal pepper. 

Helping digestion

Any type of spice from the family of piperine will help with digestion. This is because the Piperine has an ability to stimulate the taste buds from the stomach. Hence, there will be more production of hydrochloric acid which is good for your digestive health. Hydrochloric acid could also support you to get relieve from diarrhea, bloated stomach, gastric acid, and other kinds of digestion issues that you could be facing. 

Lose weight

Apart from healing your internal organs, this another benefit is related to your body proportion. If you have a weight weight problem, then Tellicherry pepper could be your partner-in-crime. The heat from peppers are natural fat burners. Additionally, Tellicherry pepper alongside other kinds of pepper have an ability to help the assimilation of food that you eat.

Cancer prevention

Some studies have noted that using spices like turmeric and peppercorn in the long run may prevent carcinogenics in your body and act as natural tumor inhibitants 


Herbal Pharm brings you the best handpicked Organic Telicherry Black peppercorns, the special extra bold type in 250 grams; we sell ours sealed in a stand-up nozzle pouch which keeps the peppercorns in perfect conditions. Ideal to use and elevate all of your meals! 

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