N2 Chlorella

Expiry Date: 04/2025

Detox Antioxidant Weight Management
7 review(s)
Detox Antioxidant Weight Management

N2 Chlorella

Expiry Date: 04/2025

7 review(s)
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Chlorella is a type of algae that packs a big nutrient punch. It has the ability to help guide toxins out of the body and maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Chlorella supplements also offer a rich source of minerals, such as iron, zinc and magnesium. Women who are anemic, pregnant or of childbearing age can benefit from taking supplements containing iron to help fight fatigue and boost mental and physical performance. 

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✓ Chlorella is known to be a good source of several vitamins and minerals.
✓ Supports the immune system and helps your body fight a variety of health conditions.
✓ It improves digestibility while retaining important nutrients.
✓ Promotes healthy mood balance, wards off infections, reduces body odours.
✓ Maintains cholesterol and healthy sugar levels.

Key Ingredients

Crude Protein

Assists in maintaining muscle tone and tissue strength; provides essential energy for the body; improves immune function and supports blood flow.


A powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage; gives body an abundance of oxygen.

Vitamin B2

Allows breakdown of energy from proteins and carbohydrates.


Improves blood circulation and provides more oxygen.

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Posted on 15 Mar 2021

I had bad acid reflux. Amazinglah after taking this product with Allah's will, it helps reduce my acid reflux tremendously. The effect was so fast after consume it in the first day. Even if I have acid reflux it is not as bad as before and I don't depend on other medication prescribed by doctor for it Alhamdulillah.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 11 Sep 2019

This supplement is really amazing! I keep having food poisoning when i go on vacations. But after having this supplement it wards off my infections. It is also very easy as it has the smaller bottle which i carry when i go on holidays. Appreciate this a lot!

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 11 Sep 2019

I used to have constipation previously. However, after consuming this supplement i feel that the toxic and bacteria in my body reduced.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 03 Jan 2019

Good quality products. Arrived on time. No problems at all. Will order again.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 30 Nov 2018

I noticed a huge difference taking these within 2 weeks of using them. These capsules are easy to swallow, just don't leave them sitting in your mouth too long before you throw the water back. Definitely helps my digestion!

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 27 Aug 2018

I take 5 capsules perday day after dinner. It control acid reflux and ingestion.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.

Jeanette Saw

Posted on 27 Aug 2018

I take chlorella everyday. It help to boost my immune system.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chlorella Iron Supplement


1. Should females take iron supplements?

Iron supplements can help women overcome symptoms of anaemia – a condition where the body has insufficient red blood cells and iron. When there’s insufficient iron, an inadequate amount of hemoglobin is produced, and not enough oxygen is delivered to the body. By taking iron supplementation pills, it can help individuals suffering from iron deficiency to experience lesser symptoms of  feeling tired or breathlessness. 

Iron supplements can also provide needed support for pregnant women or those who are of child bearing age to reduce the risk of maternal anaemia and iron deficiency.


2. How much iron should a woman take as a supplement?

The amount of iron women should consume depends on their age, stage of life and health conditions. If your iron levels are normal, there is no need to consume extra iron. Adult women from ages 19 to 50 who are anemic or are pregnant, would require approximately 18 milligrams of iron a day. Herbal Pharm’s N2 Chlorella supplements provide women with a good source of iron. 


3. What is chlorella supplement used for?

Chlorella supplements contain freshwater algae and are a rich source of vitamin A, zinc, iron, magnesium and more. It helps to improve blood circulation, build immunity and supports cognitive functioning. View our delivery policy to start purchasing chlorella supplements and have them delivered to wherever you are located in Singapore.


4. Who should not take chlorella?

Individuals who have an excess of iron, a disorder known as hemochromatosis, should not take chlorella supplements as they contain iron. Excessive iron can potentially cause organ damage and tissues. Also, those who are allergic to mold should avoid taking chlorella supplements.

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