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Laurel Soap with Honey

By: HerbalPharm

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A product of Syrian Origin. Made in Turkey.

Premium-quality natural handmade olive and laurel oil soap, reshaped from Traditional Aleppo Soap and mixed with natural honey essential oils. It takes care of the skin, and it is very beneficial to sensitive and weary skin caused by eczema psoriasis.

Honey keeps skin hydrated, prevents dryness, prohibits growth of bacteria, helps treat minor acne, helps protect skin from sun damage, moisturizes skin to aid rejuvenation. Great for everyday use on the hands, face and body.


Product Description

• Antimicrobial – prevents the growth of certain bacteria.
• Humectant or Hygroscopic – Absorbs moisture from the air. Humectants are used in cosmetic products to help moisture and smooth skin. Honey does that naturally.
• Antioxidant – By destroying free radicals, antioxidants on the skin will help protect the skin from sun damage and help it look younger longer.
• Dry or damaged skin – Because of its antioxidant and humectant properties, honey soap is great for dry or damaged skin.
• Acne – Because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, raw honey helps kill bacteria that may cause acne and will help skin heal faster.
• Soap Benefits – Honey adds to the lather, giving you a nice bubbly soap bar.

Supplement Facts:
Daily use for face and body.

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