Aleppo Soap Shower Gel 200ml

By: Herbal Pharm

Head To Toe Moisturising All Natural
3 review(s)
Head To Toe Moisturising All Natural

Aleppo Soap Shower Gel 200ml

By: Herbal Pharm

3 review(s)
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Product Overview

Product Description

A completely natural liquid soap. 100% vegan, natural, organic and chemical-free, Aleppo Soap Shower Gel gently cleanses the body from head to toe. It thoroughly moisturises the skin, and keeps your hair healthy and strong. The soap soothes the skin no matter your skin type and its liquefied form makes it easy to use for those who prefer shower gels.

✓ Naturally purifies the skin: Its antimicrobial properties cleanses the body, giving you fresh, clean skin without being overly drying.
✓ Eczema and itchiness: The natural and organic soap is also suitable for those with eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin because it is very gentle on the skin.
✓ Softens hair and treats sensitive scalp: It provides good scalp care, keeping oil balanced on the scalp for a comfortable feeling all day. The soap also nourishes the hair for shiny, healthy-looking locks.
✓ Natural, Organic, Chemical-Free and SLS-Free

Key Ingredients

Olive Oil

It has antioxidants and nutrients that help to relieve redness while restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Laurel Oil

A natural antimicrobial agent that treats skin conditions such as acne, herpes and eczema.

  • Recommended Use
  • Warnings

May be used daily for face, hair and body. To use as shampoo, rub the soap over wet hair, making sure to create enough foam. Wash out with water and optionally follow up with conditioner. May not be suitable for dry hair.



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Posted on 11 Jun 2020

This product really does wonders to my hair and i can see much improvement in my hair.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 11 Sep 2019

I used this bigger bottle for my daily use as it help to purify and nourish my skin organically. I love the small bottle as well, it is so convenient for travelling.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.


Posted on 11 Sep 2019

I like this Aleppo Gel as previously my skin used to be very dry and unhealthy looking. However, ever since i started using this gel daily my skin has become more moisture and it also protects my skin from dryness.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice.

300What is the Use of Shower Gel?

Shower gel is a type of soap that is designed for use during showers. It typically comes in a bottle or pump dispenser, and is lightly scented, helping to create an uplifting or relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Besides cleansing, there are a few other benefits of shower gel:


Better for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a frustrating problem that is difficult to solve. Despite trying a variety of lotions and creams, some may find that their dry skin never really goes away. One product that can be particularly helpful for dry skin is shower gel. Shower gel contains hydrating ingredients that prevent the skin from feeling dry. Some of the best shower gels in Singapore are specially formulated to moisturise the skin on top of cleansing. 


Unique Fragrance

Shower gels often contain scents that can leave the skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. Most scented gels use a combination of essential oils and fragrances that work together so you can always smell your best. In addition, the fragrances in shower gel can boost your mood and help you start your day on a positive note. For those who have sensitive skin, the best shower gel options in Singapore can still make you feel clean and refreshed without irritating your skin.



With shower gels, you won't need to use as much with each use, so a bottle will usually last quite a while before needing to be replaced. This can save you money in the long run.


Is Shower Gel and Body Wash the Same?

Both body lotions and shower gels use gentle surfactants to clean the skin's surface. Shower gels and body washes differ from one another in terms of their two textures. Body washes have a viscosity more similar to soap whereas shower gels have a stronger gel-like substance. They are used for thorough scrubbing in the shower since they emulsify or foam and are much thicker than body wash. Both can be used in an effective shower cleaning routine but have different strengths depending on your body’s needs. 


Can Shower Gel Be Used Daily?

Although most people think of soap as the go-to product for cleansing the skin, shower gel can be a better choice for daily use. Soap may be harsh on the skin, stripping away natural oils and leaving the skin feeling dry and irritated. Shower gel, on the other hand, is formulated to be gentle and moisturising. It can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin. 


Which is the Best Shower Gel in Singapore?

There are countless shower gel products in Singapore, so how can you choose the best shower gel for your needs? See below for a list of products that you can include in your daily skincare routine:


Aleppo Soap Shower Gel

An all-natural liquid soap, the Aleppo Soap Shower Gel is 100 percent chemical-free, natural, organic, and vegan. It softly cleanses the entire body and moisturises the skin. This soothing and hydrating option is ideal for all skin types. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Finding the Best Shower Gel in Singapore


1. Where do you apply shower gel?

Shower gel is typically applied to wet skin and then rinsed off with water. The best shower gels will feel good on your skin and nourish it. Some people also like to apply a small amount of shower gel to their hair. Consider Herbal Pharm’s Aleppo Soap Shower Gel which can be purchased online. For orders above $40, you can also enjoy free same-day shipping in Singapore.


2. Can I use shower gel on my face?

Shower gel is a great all-in-one product for those who want to save time in the shower. However, before using it on your face, it is important to test the gel on a small area of skin first. This will help to ensure that you do not experience any adverse reactions. 


3. What will happen if you put shower gel in your hair?

Herbal Pharm’s Aleppo Soap Shower Gel is safe for use on sensitive scalps. This product can not only maintain the softness of your hair but will also help to remove oil and build-up from the scalp, keeping it clean and balanced throughout the day.

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