Nite Trimzzz

By: Herbal Pharm

Quality Sleep Weight Management
Quality Sleep Weight Management

Nite Trimzzz

By: Herbal Pharm

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Wake up each morning fully rested. Nite Trimzzz promotes quality sleep all through the night, helps with mood balance and supports you in maintaining a healthy weight. This convenient-to-take ashwagandha supplement tends to your health and supports your metabolism as you sleep. Choose Herbal Pharm for the best selection of all-natural products in Singapore. 

✓ Supports healthy mood balance: This supplement manages the cortisol levels in the body making you feel good as you go about your day.
✓ Improves quality of sleep: Ashwagandha in the supplement helps you to have uninterrupted sleep, allowing the body to recover well overnight.
✓ Aids in healthy weight management: A good night’s rest can also keep your weight in check. The supplement helps to encourage fat loss while you sleep.
✓ Promotes a feeling of ease: It makes you feel relaxed, which enhances the body’s defence mechanism.

Key Ingredients

KSM- 66® Ashwagandha Root Extract

An evergreen shrub that is commonly used to help with maintaining healthy mood levels, weight management and promotes quality sleep.

 PM Burn Recovery Complex

Aids with fat loss and supports a healthy nervous system for a quality night’s sleep.


Promotes healthy mood balance, which also helps in maintaining positive mental wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stress Relief and Sleep Supplements


1. What is ashwagandha supplement used for?

Ashwagandha supplements are best known for their stress relief and sleep-inducing capabilities as it comprises chemicals that can help to calm the brain, lower blood pressure and more. Herbal Pharm offers the Nite Trimzzz supplement in Singapore to aid in cases of poor sleep, anxiety as well as other conditions.


2. Who should not take ashwagandha tablets?

Children and pregnant or nursing mothers should steer clear of ashwagandha tablets for their safety. If you are considering taking any supplements to ease your symptoms of stress or insomnia, please consult your healthcare professional before buying and consuming any stress relief pills to ensure that you are not allergic to any ingredients.


3. Is there a pill to take for stress?

Herbal Pharm’s Nite Trimzzz pills promote stress relief. It manages the cortisol levels in your body to make you feel good and relaxed as you go about your day, as well as supports a healthy nervous system to encourage quality sleep.  Buy this supplement online today in Singapore to achieve improved moods, healthy weight management and uninterrupted sleep. 


4. What are the benefits of stress relief and sleep supplements?

Stress relief and sleep supplements can help to support healthy mood balance, improve your quality of sleep and promote weight management. If you are struggling with adapting to stress, ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that can best help you in boosting your moods and giving you better sleep. Buy the Nite Trimzzz supplement from Herbal Pharm in Singapore today.

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