Himalayan Natural Pink Salt Fine

Expiry Date: 09/2026

Natural Delicious Taste
Natural Delicious Taste

Himalayan Natural Pink Salt Fine

Expiry Date: 09/2026

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Our Himalayan Natural Pink Salt contains 84 traces of essential minerals, while also having an amazing taste.

✓ Mined from rolling red-brick hills that rise in Pakistan.
✓ Its pink colour derives from the natural richness of iron and other minerals that it contains.
✓ Enjoy as a healthier replacement for regular processed salt in all of your cooking and baking, or as a salt bath for a relaxing end of the day.
✓ Choose between coarse and fine grain to suit your needs, and add our grinder for the best experience.

Key Benefits

Promotes better sleep and helps lower blood pressure.
Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.
Promotes healthy blood sugar and healthy ph balance of blood.
Acts as a detoxifier.
Bone strength.
Helps muscle cramps.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Himalayan Natural Pink Salt


1. Is Himalayan pink salt good for you?

Himalayan pink salt is a type of rock salt that is mined in the Himalayan mountains. It is said to be the purest form of salt available and is often used in cooking and as a dietary supplement. Himalayan pink salt has health benefits, such as providing relief from muscle cramps, improving digestion, and reducing inflammation. Himalayan pink salt should still be consumed in moderation just like any other salt to avoid any health problems like high blood pressure and dehydration.


2. Which company’s Himalayan pink salt is best?

It is best to always purchase high quality Himalayan pink salt. Easily buy fine grain or coarse grain Himalayan pink salt in Singapore from Herbal Pharm. Consider adding our grinder for an even better experience. If you have any enquiries about our Himalayan pink salt or other products from our collection, please feel free to contact us.


3. Is Himalayan pink salt better than sea salt?

Although both Himalayan pink salt and sea salt are effective in flavour enhancement, Himalayan pink salt has additional benefits. For one, it contains more minerals than sea salt, giving it a richer flavour. Himalayan pink salt is also less processed than sea salt, meaning it retains more of its natural nutrients. Finally, Himalayan pink salt has health benefits that can help to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, and more. For all these reasons, Himalayan pink salt is the superior choice for anyone looking to improve the flavour of their food while reaping its health benefits.

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