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BetterU Disk

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The BetterU disk is a compact and convenient everyday beverage coaster that helps rearrange the molecular structure of liquids and particles. This enables easy water absorption into body cells, better discharge of wastes and toxins, and boosts the body’s immune system.

Key Components

Tetrahertz Waves

Terahertz waves can resonate with human cells to activate the body cells, and this frequency helps activate the body's natural repair mechanisms. They help accelerate metabolism, rejuvenate body cells, remove free radicals and detoxify the body. Through improving the absorption we can help improve skin condition, gut health, and overall wellbeing. 


Far-infrared Rays

Far-infrared rays enhance cell regeneration. The key characteristic of far-infrared rays is their ability to ionize and activates water molecules in our cells and blood. This improves our blood circulation and thus improve the immune system and micro circulatory system. They help activate water molecules, improves oxygen levels and nervous system functions, and reduces acidity in the body. 


  • Recommended Use
  • Warnings

For liquids: Place your beverage in a container such as a cup and place it directly on the coaster. Keep the cup on the coaster for about 1 minute. Keeping the drink on for longer will not have any negative effects on the consumed beverage. 


Supplements / medicinal tablets: Take out the number of pills you will be consuming at the point in time and place them directly on the coaster 1 minute prior to consumption. Best practice is to not place the entire supplement bottle, and to just place individual pills instead. 


Creams / serums (skincare): Place a small container directly on the coaster. Keep the container on the coaster for about 1 minute. Keeping the product on for longer will not have any negative effects on the cream or serum inside. 



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