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Easy Detox Classic Kit

By Amrita Wellness

21 Premium Detox Sachets - 3 delicious herbal drinks per day

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The Easy Detox Classic Kit is our 7-day most popular, nutrition-based, go-to cleanse for a busy lifestyle. This health drink promotes toxin release and protects the body from oxidative damage. It also helps calm the mind and gives you ample energy to survive a busy work week.
• Increased energy and vitality
• Healthy weight loss
• Elimination of chronic headaches
• Clearer more radiant complexion
• Improved mental focus
• Enhanced immune system function
• Calm and focused mind


Product Description

Easy Detox Kit is the latest word in wellness and rejuvenation in the privacy and convenience of your own space. It consists of delicious herbal drinks 3 times per day, recommendations on healthy meals and light exercise. Easy Detox is a 100% natural, gentle and effective detox programme that involves no fasting and no colonic irrigation, so you can lead an active lifestyle during your detox. And, because cleansing is achieved naturally, you enjoy wellness effects much longer.


Ingredient: Our 100% Organic Shake Powder is manufactured using our unique Freeze Dry technology, which removes the water from our plants and herbs whilst preserving all the natural vitality of our ingredients. Our formula contains 14 natural ingredients that enhance detoxification pathways in liver & kidneys, aid gentle bowel cleanse, control appetite and provide plenty of powerful antioxidants, micro-nutrients & fiber:

2.Black Pepper
4.Chameleon Plant
12.Pineapple Fiber

How to prepare your detox shakes:
·Mix the content of 1 easy detox sachet with a glass of fresh coconut water, fruit juice or plain mineral water. Blend in a blender for 3-5 seconds, mix in a shaker cup or stir with a spoon until the powder is dissolved. Our formula is 100% natural, so it is normal for the herbal blend not to dissolve fully. In order not to leave any valuable herbs behind, please consume right away after stirring.
·For the best taste, use coconut water or juices (apple, tomato, etc.)  and add a piece of fruit (banana, apple, etc) in your shake for the first 3 days. As your taste buds acclimatize, you can try your shake with plain mineral water. Tip: you can also try blending the herbs with natural drinking yogurt and honey.
·Our ingredients come from whole plants for best bio-availability. As plant particles can be large preparing shakes in a BLENDER is the best way to boost absorption and improve the taste.

Product Benefits:
·Gentle yet thorough detoxification
·Healthy weight loss
·Improved digestion
·Easy to follow whilst enjoying healthy food
·Natural bowel and liver cleanse
·Increased energy and vitality
·Stronger immune system
·Improved sense of well-being
·Motivation for longterm healthy changes
·Full nutrition guidelines

Suggested Schedule:
7:00 am Wake up - 500ml fresh pure water with lemon or lime juice 
8:00 am Easy Detox Shake & Breakfast  
1:00 pm Easy Detox Shake & Lunch 
6:00 pm Easy Detox Shake & Dinner

To fully enjoy the benefits of your detox programme we advise you to embrace the philosophy of “Let food be your medicine”. Please read through our Quick Start Guide and start using our easy-to-follow Nutritional Guidelines 7 days before taking the herbal shakes, here are the links:

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