General Supplements

i.360 (30 V-caps)

30 V–Capsules
             i.360 is formulated with Lutein, an important nutrient that supports macular health by helping filter harmful blue light. Along with other vitamins and antioxidants, it also protects...

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NutraJoint Gold (72 V-caps)

72 Vegetarian Capsules

Joint supplements are not just for the elderly. The middle-aged, physically active and new mothers may also be prone to joint problems. This golden trio of Glucosamine, Chondroitin...

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Dia-Med Nopal Cactus (108 V-caps)

108 Vegetarian Capsules

For a safe and natural dietary and weight management supplement, try Dia-Med Nopal Cactus. 

One of Herbal Pharm’s all-time bestsellers, it contains 100% pure Nopal Cactus used in high concentration...

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Omega-3 DHA & EPA (108 softgels)

108 softgels

Need a brain booster? These long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the brain and stave off a host of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and rheumatoid arthritis.

Unless you...

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N2 Chlorella (600 Tablets)

600 Tablets

Chlorella is universally hailed at the new super-food, and for good reason. These single-cell algae pack more than 20 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B, C, E, K,...

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Vitamin C (60 V-caps)

60 Vegetarian Capsules

Do you get enough Vitamin C? Vitamin C is probably one of the most essential supplements to our diets – it is necessary for growth and development, as...

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TEST HP 60 Caps

Test HP 60 Caps 

  • Provides energy for male helping in the maintenance of healthy testosterone levels and muscle mass.
  • Helps boost vigor and vitality for adult male
  • Helps your body to cope with...

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Fat Attaque (90 V-caps) *NEW*

90 Vegetarian Capsules

Shed those unwanted inches – Fat Attaque is enriched with botanical ingredients for natural weight loss. It taps into your body’s own fat reserve for energy, inhibits fat absorption, improves...

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Hair Skin Nails 30 Tablets

The nutrients your body needs for healthy, lustrous hair, glowing skin & strong nails.

Glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails are a reflection of your general overall health – both...

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