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Nature's Delight - Mixed Fruits & Nuts

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Mixed Fruits and Nuts are experiencing a culinary renaissance. This yummy snack packed with a variety of natural fruits such as cranberries, mulberries, strawberries coupled with almonds, walnuts, Pistachios and cashew nuts which will bring a unique taste to your palate. This product is definitely the solution to supplement your snacking needs to curb that “hungry” feeling even further.


Product Description

Ingredients: Cranberries, Mulberries, Strawberries, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Pistachios and Walnuts.

Cranberries - The nutrients in cranberries have been linked to a lower risk of urinary tract infections, prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure.

Mulberries - A good source of iron and vitamin C.

Strawberries - An excellent source of vitamin C and manganese and also contain decent amounts of folate (vitamin B9) and potassium. Strawberries are very rich in antioxidants and plant compounds, which may have benefits for heart health and blood sugar control.

Almonds - Contain lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

Cashew Nuts - Rich in Heart-Healthy Fatty Acids, Boost Immune System & Excellent Source of Antioxidants.

Pistachios - Great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and various nutrients, including vitamin B6, thiamine, weight loss benefits, lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and improved gut, eye, and blood vessel health.

Walnuts -
Rich in Antioxidants
May Decrease Inflammation
Promotes a Healthy Gut
Supports Weight Control
Supports Healthy Aging
Supports Good Brain Function
Supports Male Reproductive Health
Improves Blood Fats
May Reduce Risk of Some Cancers
May Help Lower Blood Pressure

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