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Royal Arabian Nights Soap

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Product Description

Handmade for the Royalty


The Royal Arabian Night Soap components:


Olive oil, Laurel oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, and other natural oils. A selection of natural oriental royal perfumes such as Ambergris, Musk, Saffron and Rose is then added to this mixture to give the soap its characteristics.


Excellent quality, luxurious soap for all who love the aromas of the Orient. The scented oils contained in the soap will bring you into the oriental climate of the Arab Hamman Bath. They fill the bathroom with the wonderful fragrance of royal luxury, comfort, happiness and love.


This unique soap will make the skin soft and has wonderfully fragrant. The smell will slowly evaporate for an hour after bathing. The perfect combination of the best natural oils moisturizes and nourishes the skin and strengthens hair bulbs.


This unique soap is specially crafted for those who like the scent of strong perfumes which contains oriental aroma and royal fragrance. The soap was inspired by the climate of Arabian Night's story, to recreate the charm and fantasy within, bringing the user through an array of graceful scents.


Besides its selection of oriental royal natural perfumes that will leave you with smell wonderful for hours after the bath, it also contains a natural selection of beneficial oils for both the body and hair.


This unique soap is made by hand according to traditional methods used for centuries and it is natural completely free of all types of dyes, animal fats and any genetically modified material.

Other benefits:

- Helps to delay skin wrinkles
- Helps to get rid of bad body odor
- Nourishes & refreshes the skin

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