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How Sustainable Are Your Health Supplements In Singapore?

By now, it is no secret that the Earth's surface is warming at unnatural rates, and human-driven activities are the main cause. One of the effects of this climate change is the compromised nutritional content of staple foods. As a health and wellness company, Herbal Pharm recognises the need to ensure that the planet is not further compromised, and people can still attain valuable sources of nutrients through health supplements. In line with this, we have continuously focused on conservation and sustainability initiatives. Here are just some of our sustainability initiatives and partnerships with environmental NGOs.

Herbal Pharm's Commitment to Sustainable Health Supplements in Singapore

As more consumers become aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, many are turning to natural ingredients to supplement their diets. While this is a good development, we also have to note that the world's population is growing. Along with this growth, food demand is increasing, and this demand for food production is putting a strain on the planet's resources. The agricultural industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change. As a nutraceutical company, Herbal Pharm believes in the power of nature and we have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best of nature's ingredients in our products. We also believe in responsible production while understanding the importance of sustainability and the need to protect the planet's resources.

Using Natural Ingredients

One of the key ways health and wellness companies can make substantiated and sincere sustainability claims is by utilising ingredients derived from nature. When we make Herbal Pharm products, we place a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and quality. That’s why we ensure our ingredients are all-natural, premium quality, and halal certified. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the use of eco-friendly materials.

Sustainability Initiatives

Herbal Pharm is continuously focusing on conservation and sustainability initiatives. One important sustainability initiative we have implemented is our waste reduction and recycling program. We have incorporated environmental initiatives such as allowing customers to return used cans to our stores and we will recycle it for them alongside providing customers with vouchers for every 12 cans returned. This has helped our company to reduce our environmental footprint and promote responsible waste management. We also make it a point to encourage the participation of our customers by incentivizing bringing reusable bags and returning used product cans. We want to make our sustainability journey with our customers enjoyable and rewarding.

Environmental NGO Partnerships

We recognise the need for collaboration and partnerships to achieve our sustainability goals. That is why we have joined environmental NGOs such as the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) PACT retail bag charge, NEA’s Say Yes to Waste Less and Zero Waste SG’s Bring Your Own (BYO) initiatives of providing customers with reusable bags to show that we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our packaging. 100% of our proceeds from bag charges also go to our sustainability partners to further global sustainability initiatives and goals.

Count on Herbal Pharm for Sustainable Nutraceutical Products

Herbal Pharm’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is an example of how we can make better choices and promote the health and well-being of both ourselves and the planet. By incorporating our nutrient-dense natural supplements into your diets, you can improve your health while supporting a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. Let's make the choice to nurture our planet for better health and wellness by choosing an eco-friendly company.

Join us in our sustainability journey and make a difference by supporting our eco-friendly and sustainable products. As a home grown brand, we offer a wide variety of health supplements such as i.360 - eye supplement, Nutri Joint - joint supplement, Dia-med- diabetes supplement, Miracle Skin - skin supplement and many others that are aimed to improve your health and life. By purchasing our products, you are also helping the environment along with us. Learn more about our products and our sustainability initiatives. Let's work together in protecting the planet, one ingredient at a time.

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