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Oriental Perfume

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A product of Syrian origin. Made in Turkey. An oriental aromatic journey to the fields of saffron and roses. This natural beauty soap combines the great olive oil that nourishes all layers of the skin and serves as an antioxidant. Laurel oil acting as an disinfectant and anti inflammatory agent. The perfect environmental and sustainable choice for natural body cleansing & skincare!


Product Description

The perfect gift, - a luxurious perfume scented handmade soap with all the best ingredients, comes in a beautiful packaging

Can be used as a wardrobe perfume- hanged inserted in a sachet, inside the wardrobe /shoe closet too

Can also be used as car air freshner/ small spaces at home


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Laurel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Perfume (Saffron- Honey- Rosemary- Lavender-Rose)


Olive oil: Gentle, moisturizing, antioxidant

Laurel oil: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effective for sensitive skin, skin disorders and allergies


Perfume: contains saffron, honey, rosemary, lavender and rose parfums to create a luxurious scented handmade bath soap


Suitable for vegan

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